It’s no secret that if a company aims to succeed and grow, it’s going to have to build connections.

It has to connect with customers, with partners and with itself.

There is an AV/VC solution for every business and every organization. Our AV/VC solutions allows

you to move away from the confines of the boardroom and soar into global collaboration through

communication, thus saving you the sizeable cost of time and travel.


These solutions may include the following technologies:



High-quality displays, including video walls.

Displays can be used in a variety of settings, and are the optimal technology for presenting a message. In reception areas and boardrooms, they can help the company promote a professional reputation. Outside, they can effectively reach out to potential customers and garner interest. Video walls are particularly impactful, as they can be scaled up to enormous sizes, making them an ideal choice for venues like sports arenas and airports.









Conferencing systems.

A/V conferencing is perhaps the ultimate audio and visual communication solution, as it facilitates meetings between groups separated by hundreds or thousands of miles. Conferencing systems are ideal for linking together with partners and for managing internal meetings. For example, a conference can pull together multiple project heads working together on a single initiative, allowing company leaders to check project status and change directions if needed. In addition to facilitating meetings, conferencing systems also reduce travel costs.





Interactive whiteboards.

Interactive whiteboards can be used in both commercial and educational settings, and they are gaining popularity quickly in schools. Interactive whiteboards allow teachers and managers to add visual impact on their lessons or presentations. The interactive nature of the whiteboard lets the presenter add notes or manipulate a piece of media for better viewing. Interactive whiteboards come with a variety of tools to keep people engaged in the lesson or meeting, ensuring they walk away with better information retention.









Control systems.

Making audio and visual communication technology easy to operate. Control systems provide an easy interface for users to access and operate any A/V technology. This interface is often a touch, graphic interface that is designed for intuitive use.



Here at Gaproc Media, we can integrate one, or all, of these technologies into your workspace,

and once installed, we will provide continued support and ensure it functions optimally over its lifespan.

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