Digital Managed Services



We have resources with over 20 years' experience in content creation and management.

Availing these resources to our clients through our Digital Managed Services (DMS) offering will ensure optimal use of your

multi-media streaming network to display media rich, dynamic content to the intended audiences, at the intended times.



Our DMS is a monthly service fee and includes the following:



1. Content Management (Receiving, Altering, Storing & Managing Content)


 2. Content Scheduling (Dependant of customer Connectivity)


 3. Content Consultation (conceptualise and develop creative concepts)


 4. Content Creation (Create and/or adapt content)


 5. NOC Monitoring (Real-time monitoring and reporting of issues)


 6. Call Desk Function (Call desk agents utilizing HEAT Call logging system)


 7. Remote Support (First line telephonic and/or remote support)


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