With PADS4 Smart Signage for Corporate Communication, you can integrate communication, branding, and inspiration right into your digital network.

PADS4 connects with all your screens, allowing you to create custom, location based messages, and control all your display communication from one central location.

From across the room or across the country, PADS4 enables you to communicate, brand, and inspire, on screens including kiosks, video walls, desktops, or meeting room displays.





Kaltura is a video management platform that allows users to upload, manage, share, publish, and stream videos. Kaltura can be integrated with school-specific platforms and tools.

Take your enterprise communication to the next level with a single solution to support real-time, live and VOD experiences. 

Whether for team collaboration and knowledge sharing, online-training and self-paced learning, internal and executive communication, marketing or sales enablement – Kaltura is the one video cloud to power your every video need.


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